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Why the customers decide to cooperate with you?
Why hasn’t some buyer cooperate with you?
What features you have that your competitors don’t have?
What’s the raw material of your products?
Our sales territory
Our features
Which fields does you products applied in?
The turn-key projects are mainly for food industry, such as milk powder production, instant coffee production, non-dairy creamer (coffee-mate) production, malto-dextrin production and instant tea production etc.
The other spray dryers are mainly for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries to turn liquid solution or suspension into powder or small granules. Different products with different properties normally require different configurations. Customers are strongly suggested making trial before finalize the order.
We’re cooperating with the most authoritative university of drying technology, and the most professional experts in China. We can provide customers with appropriate technology solutions and perfect technical service, so to ensure customers can achieve ideal result through our plant /equipment. We can provide complete sets of equipment, turnkey projects to make sure the system works for the customers.
The first reason is the customer does not know us or does not understand our technology; the second reason is that the customer’s products are just ordinary products which doesn’t request high technology or very good machinery, and the third reason is the customer considers the price very important, ignore the performance and technology of the equipment, or the customer doesn’t know the equipment enough. It is quite normal that the customer finally purchased the equipment which can't work or with much low performance, or works finally with long time of modification, which is wasted a lot of time.
What features you have that your competitors don’t have?
For coffee production plant, we are the only supplier for entire sets in China, as well as processing technology. We’re also cooperating with the designing institutes, and provide designing of the workshop and all facilities.
The other turn-key projects are supplying, such as non-dairy creamer (coffee-mate) production, malto-dextrin production and instant tea production etc, there’re also very few suppliers in China.
The chief engineer of our company is an expert of the Expert Group of China Drying Equipment Association. We also invited some other experts to be our part-time technician and technical consultants. So we can provide very good technical support for the turnkey projects or the other spray dryers we supplied.
What’s the raw material of your products?
Normally, the product and processing air contact parts are made of stainless steel SUS304 or 316L, depend on the properties of the product. The other parts are made of carbon steel or stainless steel as per customer’s request.
We are supplying equipment worldwide.
·Very professional technical support and after sales services
·Invite the experts of China Drying Equipment Association to be our chief engineer, part-time technicians and technical consultants.
·Provides turnkey projects
·Guarantee the performance and capacity of the equipment.
·Our customers are satisfied with the performance and quality of our equipment. Customers that are interested in our equipment, mostly we could arrange reference visit, if there’s no confidential problems.