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LPG High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer (atomizer) LPG Series

  • LPG High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer (atomizer)
  • LPG High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer (atomizer)
  • LPG High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer (atomizer)
  • LPG High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer (atomizer)
  • LPG High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer (atomizer)
Item Code:LPG Series Features:(1)Spray dryer(2)Centrifugal Dryer(3)Drying equipment(4)Drying machine(5)CA(6)GMP(7)ISO9001:2000
  • Description
The LPG High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer (drying equipment/drying machine) is the technology widest used in the liquid technology shaping and in the drying industry.
The drying technology is most suitable for producing the powder, particle products from the materials, such as: solution, emulsion, soliquoid and pumpable paste states.
For this reason, when the particle size and distribution of the final products, their residual water contents, the stacking density and the particle shape must meet the precision standard, the spray drying is one of the most desired technologies.
After the filtering and heating, the air enters into the air distributor on the top of the drier. The hot air enters into the drying room in the spiral form and uniformly.
By passing through the high-speed centrifugal spray on the top of the tower, the material liquid will rotate and be sprayed into the extremely fine mist liquid beads. Through the very short time of contacting the heat air, the materials can be dried into the final products.
The final products will be discharged continuously from the bottom of the drying tower and from the whirl separator. The waste gas will be discharged from blower.
At a high speed of drying ,after the spraying of the material liquid, the surface area of the material will be increased greatly. In the hot-air flow, 95%~98% of water can be evaporated at a moment. The time of completing the drying needs only several seconds.
This is especially suitable for drying the heat sensitive materials.
Its final products own the good uniformity, mobility, dissolving capacity. And the final products are high in their purity and good in their quality. The production procedures are simple and the operation and control are easy.
The liquid with the moisture contents 40~60%(for special materials, the contents may reach 90%) can be dried into the powder of particle products once a time.
After the drying, there is no need for smashing and sorting, so as to reduce the operatio
procedures in the production and to enhance the product purity. The product particle diameters, looseness and water contents can be adjusted through changing the operation condition in a certain scope.
It is very convenient to carry out the control and management.

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