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Shandong Binzhou City Committee Chairman Jiang Yinhao, Zouping County Council Chairman Zhao Huaichen and other leaders to jinqiao spray drying research.

         On August 10, Zouping County summon relevant streets and departments to meet the review the work of the National Health Research Council of the county.Binzhou City Committee Chairman of Jiang Yinghao, Zhao Huaichen Zouping County Council Chairman and other leaders come to our company -- -- Shandong Zouping Shuangfei Complete Equipment CO., LTD., observe and guide our work.Company general manager Mr Zheng Gaofei warm reception and deep in conversation.
          General manager Zheng on the current status of the company's business development  and industrial layout report to the chairman jiang line in detail, Jiang Chairman of the company's position in the industry and the rapid development of fully affirmed. Jiang President of the spot investigation of rural tourism and the enterprise development, and listened to the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) proposal to handle the work report, he points out that to implement the leadership responsibility system, serious investigation analysis of Chinese people's 
political consultative conference (CPPCC) proposal, actively communicate with the back, do both have echo.