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ZLZ Centrifugal Congealing Granulator

The situation of spray granulation in domestic at the moment ,and  the necessary of the spray granulation(our Invention Patent)as followings:
1. All the devices of the manufacturer home and abroad want to reach the operation of economies of scale,in order to enhance the competence on domestic and overseas market ,go a step further to Expand the scale of production facilities has becom a necessity,and the former mode of producing is very hard to meet the requirements of mass production.
2. Powder,Irregular sheet materials are very hard to compete with the overseas like product,and the powder of the rules of granular materials are very low,and also have other characteristics ,such as liquidity,performance measurement,facilitate the dispersion and dissolution,Performance stability ect,so the competitive is very high.
3. Adopt the centrifugal spray graulation technology, conducive to improving the material conditions of production operations at the scene and the environment,in order to efficiency control the powder contents during the graulation ,convey,and packing;
4. Spray technology has advantages such as :large production capacity ,granulation size is uniform, the high rate of granule,and easy to operate ,compared to the traditional rotary belt condenser granulation.
disadvantages :Relatively high investment in equipment.
conceptual design
Melt granulation process of cooling materials are generally divided into three stages:The first stage is pre-cooling process,along with the lengthen of the cooling time,material from the granulation temperature is gradually cooled to a temperature-curing;The second stage is a curing process,material from the liquid to completely curing solidification,Basically remain the same temperature for the general materials in this procedure;Three-stage is solid material for cooling and hardening process,this process along with the cooling treatment,th esolid materials are cooled further,cooling and hardening。Aim at the specific characteristics of the materials,the time of the above three stages are different,we set up a data model according to the change process of the materials from the liquid state change to the solid state in the spray tower,this can guid us to confirm the diameters of the tower,so that we can basiclly select the model,ensure the simplified calculation,This model we make the assumption that:one liquid material droplet heat exchange with innumerable cool ambient air,by calculating,We have the following relations:
Molten liquid-cooling time:θd(s):(tl-tk)/(tc-tk)=exρ(hdθd/dcdρd)
Temperature curing time:θc(s):θc=dρcLf/hc(tc-tk)
Hardening cooling time:θs(s):(tc-tk)/(ts-tk)=exρ(hsθs/dCsρs)
The td、tc、ts、tk mean the granulation temperature of the molten liquid、Curing temperature、the cold temperature(℃) in the temperature of partical products discharged;hd、hc、hs mean the heat transfer coefficient (kcal/m3•s•℃)of cold air and particals during the three period: Liquid melt  period, curing period, solid cooling period,cd、cs mean the Pressure heating(kcal/kg•℃) during the two period of Liquid melt ,solid;Lf is the Latent heat of solidification (kcal/kg)of the materials,ρd、ρc、ρs is the Pressure-density(kg/m3)when the material is in the three period ofMolten liquid,Curing processing,and the state of solid,d is the diameter (mm)of the particals。From the above formula can be derived:the time of the whole process of condenser granulationθ(s):θ=θd+θc+θs;according to the quality of material particles,Calculate the whereabouts of speed according to the theoretical free-fall vt,and then alculate the height of towerH=θ×vt-L;according to the principle of centrifugal force, Calculate the distance running after being threw L,to ditermine the diameter of the tower D≥2×L
main elements of affecting the shaping quality of granulating
1.affect of materials’ temperature:high or low of the temperature have a director affect on the productive capacity.,the “high or low”,means the temperature of the materials before granulating from its melting point or into the size of temperature 。generally speaking,The higher the temperature, the smaller the output,so for the high temperature materials(Generally refers to more than the melting point or softening point above 50 ℃),Proposed granulation before the heat exchange materials handling,so as to give full play to the granulation equipment capacity。
2.affect of materials’ characteristics:Materials of different nature are Very different in Granulation performance。The parameters which affect the granulating processing and the quality,Melting point (or softening point), the proportion of heat transfer coefficient, crystallization characteristics, viscosity and liquid surface tension ect。Viscosity and surface tension,mainly affect the shaping quality,another parameters mainly affect the cooling ,solidize speed,fially affect the output,generally speaking,The melting point of materials, proportion, the greater the heat transfer coefficient, the smaller the specific heat, the greater the output, and vice versa.
3.Viscosity (or surface tension), temperature of the particles forming the impact of a certain quality.
To sum up,we have make out the follwing programme according to our rich experience in producing many sets cooling graulators:
Note :this kind machine has a great highly rate of collecting finished products,mosly can reach the requirements of no dust discharging. Many customers need to produce hundreds of tons of materials ,cyclone just can collect less than 1kg fine powder,so there is no need to equip with one grade cyclone +bag dedustor,or just use one of the two device can achieve the goal.
ZLZ  centrifugal cooling granulator (Congealing Granulator)
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ZLZ centrifugal cooling granulator (Congealing Granulator)
ZLZ series
(1)centrifugal cooling granulator (Congealing Granulator)(2)Drying equipment(3)Drying machine(4)CA(5)GMP(6)ISO9001:2000