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WPG Sterilizing Spray Dryer

Sterile spray dying device is the main equipment apply for the POWDER FOR INJ. Produced in the pharmaceutical industry.Most  Antibiotics Drugs,such as :Streptomycin sulfate, gentamicin sulfate, kanamycin sulfate ect,are all need the WPG series to produce finished products。
In the sterile drying system,all the materials and gas entered into the system must degerming first。the products collecting must be carried out in the sterilizing room,and the liquid materials are transported into the atomizer after being degerminged and filtered,also,the compressed air nust be purified。(the above two item must be treated by the customes themselves)
The air to be dried be purified after passing  the initial efficiency ,middle efficiency,and high efficiency filter,then pass the heater to improve the temperature,and then transport to the spray Sensor。Dried finished products and air are transported to the cyclone separator。The finished products are collected and packed in the sterilizing room clean bench。Exhaust air is discharged into the open air after bag filtering and purifying。

The device using a second-class gas sprayer,Simple structure, good air access, atomized uniform spray can achieve the sterile.requirements a tower spray device set up in the tower,easy to clean up powder attached to the wall.
Hot air purification adopt the initial efficiency ,middle efficiency,and high efficiency filter,High-quality air purifier,achieve the GMP requirements.
WPG Sterilizing spray Dryer
Product Name:
WPG Sterilizing spray Dryer
WPG series
(1)Spray drier(2)sterile spray drier(3)Drying equipment(4)Drying machine(5)CA(6)GMP(7)ISO9001:2000