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Non-Dairy Creamer Production Line

 Non-dairy creamer, or known as coffee mate or coffee whitener, is a kind of creamer normally to be drunk together with coffee or tea, made from malto-dextrin (glucose syrup or glucose powder) and vegetable oil (mostly palm oil) as the main ingredients and some additional materials.

The process includes wet (vacuum) mixing with standardization, sterilization, and homogenization, spray drying system, and packaging section.

Based on our early experience of small production lines with output of 500kg/h dry non-dairy creamer, we are manufacturing two big production lines with output of 5,000kg/h. Installation and commissioning work will be finished next year.

Customers that are interested in this kind of plant, please contact us for further details.

Non-dairy creamer production line
Product Name:
Non-dairy creamer production line
To produce non-dairy creamer or coffee whitener from malto-dextrin /glucose and vegetable oil